Financial assistance

Palo Alto NJB’s goal is to reach the entire community.  Accordingly, we have adopted a Financial Assistance Program (FAP) to make the program more affordable for lower income families.

To qualify a family must show need. This is achieved by providing evidence of Financial Assistance from a reputable social agency or government. As Palo Alto NJB is not a social agency, we rely and accept the judgment of School Districts, City Governments, Housing Agencies, and even other groups such as the YMCA. We do not interview or pass any judgment on our own, but accept the investigation of others.  Items that we accept for showing need include:

  • Letter from School/District giving child reduced price or free lunch (or other meal)
  • Letter from City approving discounted services for family (i.e., class or sports program voucher)
  • Letter from YMCA, AYSO, CYSA or other reputable group approval of reduced fees for programs
  • Letter of approval from any government agency for financial assistance with Food or Housing
  • A letter from your son/daughter’s private school stating that instead of the full $38,000 tuition, you only need to by $35,000 does NOT qualify!

We want to see a copy of one of the above valid sometime in the past 12 months.  Qualified FAP recipients are subject to reduced payment schedule for NJB as follows below:

  • Division:    $200 fee instead of the normal $400 for 2016-17 season
  • All-Net fee:  $360 fee instead of the normal $720 for 2016-17 season

This program only applies to Winter Season Basketball so does not extend to merchandise ordered or off-season clinics.

While your request of FAP benefits for your child is being processed you must still complete registration as normal, and include the FAP payment rate to keep your registration priority. If the initial payment is still out of reach, a minimum of $50 must be made with the registration process (a check mailed to our P.O. Box).  The balance of the payment ($180) will be due before Division Evaluations (mid to late October).  In rare instances of extreme financial hardship even this payment may be waived, but to date we have not formally approved any such complete fee waivers. We feel the reduced rate is fair.  The purpose of the program is to make it affordable while requiring a commitment to the program.

The program does provide extended payments for qualified participants, where participants are required to either provide checks up-front which will be deposited to a pre-agreed to schedule, or to credit card charges.

FAP has no impact upon the priority of your child, and the information is strictly confidential, not even your child’s coach will be aware.  Only select PANJB board members will be involved in the FAP processing.  Please be aware that the number of FAP positions is limited, so even if you are eligible you may not receive approval. However to date we have been safely below that number in applications.

To be considered for the program, please register your child and select the scholarship amount under payment.  Then send a copy of your supportive documentation in via email to:


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