Palo Alto NJB is a volunteer-run organization.  The success of the NJB programs is 100% driven by the volunteer efforts of the PA NJB Board as well as many other volunteers from our parent community.

The Board is always looking for new members.  If you are interested in any of the open (or closed!) positions below, please contact us at info@panjb.com.  In addition to the Board positions, PA NJB relies on parent volunteers to coach divisional and high school teams, team parents to assist the coaches with uniforms and communication, parents to assist with registration during allnet tryout and divisional assessment sessions, photo day coordination, uniform management, etc.

2016-2017 Palo Alto NJB Board of Directors:

Chapter Director: Bill Elfsten
Treasurer: Mark Florant
D1 Boys Player Agent: Menashe Elazar
D2 Boys Player Agent: Richard Ogawa
D3 Boys Player Agent: Didier Fernandes
Girls Player Agent: Perry Clark
All-Net Coordinator Girls: Perry Clark
All-Net Coordinator Boys: Don Darby
Gym Coordinator:  Holly Hogan
Registration & Web: Chandra Rangan
Uniform Coordination: Jon Ward
Scorekeeping & Gym Monitoring: Linda Allen
Board Member Emeritus: Doug Lusk